Mesotherapy Treatments

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What is the treatment ?

Mesotherapy is a treatment for hair loss and baldness and is one of the most suitable methods which can be applied to both men and women. The therapy helps in the regrowth of hair and does not allow the male pattern baldness to occur in the individuals. It also nourishes the scalp with various vitamins and minerals. The most common procedure for mesotherapy is by using an injection to inject the serum into the scalp.Hair becomes strong and grows to its full potential again. People who are suffering from hair loss can easily get this treatment for regrowth of hair. Moreover, there is no downtime and after the treatment, the individual can resume his day to day activities. The substance with which the patient is to be treated depends greatly upon the kind of hair loss the patient is suffering from.

The treatment for mesotherapy seems to be the safest and has no side effects. In order to attain effective hair regrowth with mesotherapy,mesotherapy should be always combined with medical treatment.



Who are the candidates for mesotherapy?

It is both considerable for men and women. Mesotherapy is for the patients who have been suffering from Baldness, Patchy hair loss and Thinning of the hairline. Mesotherapy can only give results where hair roots are not lost yet.Not every hair loss pt needs mesotherapy and Not every hairloss patient responds with mesotherapy.

Decision to use only medical treatment or to combine with mesotherapy or hair transplant depends On the stage of hairloss.

What kind of results can I expect?

With more than 4 sessions, the individual can expect to have regrowth

How many sittings should be done?

A minimum number of 8-12 sittings should be done. First, the treatment should be done fortnightly and then monthly. After the initial progression, one sitting every two or three months is required for maintaining the results.

What amount of pain will the patient bear?

Some patients might feel a little bit of discomfort during the treatment. However, the treatment procedure is not painful. It is done under topical anesthesia.

How soon do the results show up?

The showing up of results varies from patient to patient. Usually, it takes 2-3 months before the results are noticed. Results can only be visible after the treatment is completely done. Hence, the treatment should not be stopped in between for whatsoever reasons.


  • 1.For the first 8 hours, no bath is allowed and no hot water bath can be done for 48 hours after the treatment. After 48 hours, first-week hot baths are allowed for 15 minutes only.
  • 2.Do not do any kind of workout or exercise for the first 48 hours after treatment. Exercising will result in sweat which will, in turn, reduce the effect of the treatment.

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