Mole Removal Treatment

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What is the treatment ?

A mole is a spot on the skin that is usually round or oval in shape. Moles are also called as nevus in medical terms. Generally, moles do not cause any harm to the body but they may be removed due to aesthetic reasons. Mole removal can be done by various methods that include surgical excision or cutting, Radio Frequency Cautery, Shave Excision, Laser Removal, and Freezing. The choice of method will be based on the size and shape of the mole. Laser Removal is an effective method to remove moles that are on the spots hard to reach. CO2 Laser is much effective for removing warts around toenails or fingernails. The laser will burn away the mole and it will get removed from the skin. The skin normally takes a week to get healed completely after the procedure. Mole Removal by Radiofrequency ablation and CO2 Laser Vaporization are quite effective treatments. In Cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen is used to remove the mole with its surrounding dead cells and it may require 3-4 treatments for proper cure. However, Carbon Dioxide Laser Ablation is considered the most effective one.

Mole Removal

Why Choose Us ?

We use a CO2 laser for Mole Removal where the surrounding skin is not damaged, which results in lesser chances of having a scar.


Are there any chances that moles will return after the treatment?

Mostly, moles do not come back after the treatment but in some cases, they can return after some time. There can be a chance that some of the mole cells got missed during the treatment and they grew back.

How much time will it take for the complete procedure?

The mole removal procedure may take around 1-2 hours including anaesthesia. The patient can go back to his home the same day without getting admitted.

How much time is expected for recovery?

The recovery time will depend upon the depth of growth of mole cells. But, it normally takes 3-4 days for proper recovery post-treatment.

Will the treatment leave any scars after removing moles?

The chances of scarring normally depend upon the growth of mole cells. Mostly, there is no scarring involved in mole removal treatment but the excision of cells grown in depth may leave a scar and this would be properly communicated to the patient by the doctor before starting the treatment.

Is mole removal treatment effective?

Mole removal treatment is pretty effective and the treatment is tried and tested and does not cause any harm.


  • 1.Keep the area of mole dry and clean so that the bacteria do not enter into it.
  • 2.Reduce your exposure to the sun and make sure to apply sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. Direct exposure to the sun will delay the healing process and the chances of having a scar are likely to occur.
  • 3.Keep your skin properly moisturized as the possibility of having scars are more on dry skin. Keeping your body well hydrated will help you in this.

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