Tattoo Removal Treatment

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What is the treatment ?

Laser Treatment is used for removing tattoo ink on the body which is permanent, by focussing on the particles of ink. The laser helps in naturally absorbing the particles of ink by the skin. Removal of permanent tattoo by laser treatment is a simple procedure. This is done by the help of laser rays that are absorbed by the ink and helps in destroying the paint by penetrating into the skin, finally removes the paint. It usually requires 6-8 sittings of laser treatment for tattoo removal.

Laser treatment for the removal of a permanent tattoo is a methodical process followed by clinics. The laser is focused on the skin ensuring the right intensity of the depth of the color, depth of the tattoo, and the skin sensitivity and tone of the patient. The rays are observed on the skin by the expert for some time to check if the treatment is going well. Eyes need to be protected first by covering them and so is done by the practitioner. Tattoo keeps on fading away with every sitting.

Tattoo Removal


Is it possible to remove a permanent tattoo?

Yes, it is possible to remove a permanent tattoo.

What is the process of removing a tattoo?

With the help of advance technological laser treatment which is safe for skin, and with few regular sittings, it is possible to remove the tattoo from the body.

How many sessions do I need to take for a tattoo removal procedure?

Laser sessions are decided according to the intensity and depth of the ink and tattoo. For homemade tattoo, it requires 6-8sessions, and professional tattoo requires 10-14 sessions.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal procedure really Painful?

The laser treatment is more or less pain-free; however, mild discomfort is expected by the patient. A gel is used post-treatment to give a soothing effect. We use anesthesia cream to make the the procedure painless.

Is it safe to get a laser tattoo removal?

These days, it is easier and much effective to get removal of a permanent tattoo. There is less risk of scarring like earlier days and unlike traditional ways (excision,acid burn etc)

How will my skin look like after the session?

Temporary whitening of the affected area can be noticed after several sittings. The skin takes some time to get back to normal after the treatment as the tattoo ink fades away.

Are There Any Side Effects associatd with the treatment?

Water bubbles and mild pigmentation can be expected but can be handled with proper expert advice.


  • 1.The area needs to be kept clean.
  • 2.An antibacterial solution can be used during the healing process and exposing skin to perfumes or irritants must be avoided.
  • 3.Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight before, after and while the ongoing process of treatment. These days skin is very sensitive to sunlight and the area needs to be covered with cloth or wear high SPF sunscreen to avoid sunburn and irritation.
  • 4.After laser tattoo removal, scabbing and blistering is common. One should not pick or remove scabs as this may cause more problems.

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