Wart Removal Treatment

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What is the treatment ?

Warts are small cuts like skin infection on the feet, hand, beard, and genitalia that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It generally affects the moist and warm places of the body and is usually painless. However, they can be painful if they are on the sole of feet or any other body part that gets touched all the time. Wart removal is important keeping mind the various health and aesthetic benefits. Various treatments available for removing wart include:

Freezing (Cryotherapy) - In this process, the warts are destroyed using liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen causes the surrounding skin to form a blister that gets sloughed off and the wart is removed along with blister and dead skin. For using the freezing technique, multiple treatments may be required.

Laser Treatment- The laser is used to burn the infected tissue which makes the skin dead and as a result, the wart falls off.

Acid- Lactic acid and salicylic acid are used to remove the dead layers of the skin and treat warts. These solutions act as peeling agents and peel off the wart from the skin.

Radiofrequency ablation- In this process, heat from radiofrequency is used for killing the wart tissue. The procedure is carried under the effect of local anesthesia.

Wart Removal

Why Choose Us ?

Warts and skin tags are very common. Every one out of five will have it. Varieties of home remedies are available to treat it which will result in pigmentation. We have US imported Ellman RF which is the finest till date and warts and skin tags can be removed with no pigmentation or permanent damage to the skin.


How much time will warts stay if left untreated?

If not treated timely, warts may take a period of a couple of months to two years to get completely vanished and have a risk of spreading to other parts of the body.

Can I get rid of warts by simply cutting it off?

Cutting off the wart will not remove it permanently as it is caused by a virus infection. It would rather make the problem more complicated and the chances of spreading the infection would increase.

Does wart go away permanently after the treatment?

After the treated that particular wart will not come back again ever. However, if the virus due to which warts were caused is still present in the body, chances are that new warts may likely to grow in other areas.

Will I feel any pain during the treatment?

We use an anesthetic cream to numb the area during the treatment. So, you will not feel any pain but mild discomfort can be there.

Will there be scars left after the treatment?

Our experts perform the treatment with much efficacy to ensure that there are no scars left after the treatment.


  • 1.Do not touch your wart with dirty hands. Always wash your hands.
  • 2.Do not pick or scratch your wart or touch wart of another person.
  • 3.Always wear flip-flops in pool areas and public showers.
  • 4.Always keep wart of your foot dry as it will spread on the moisture areas.
  • 5.Avoid shaving or brushing the areas that have warts.
  • 6.Do not rub or scratch your wart wound after treatment. It will otherwise delay the recovery.
  • 7.Never use the same pumice stone on your warts that you use on your healthy skin. Keep a separate one for the area having warts.
  • 8.Keep your skin hydrated. Moisture in the skin will lessen the chances of having a scar.
  • 9.Avoid direct exposure to the sun. If you have to step out during day time, make sure that you wear a good sunscreen. Direct contact with the sun rays may worsen your wound during recovery.
  • 10.On the day of treatment, do not take any blood thinning medicine and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • 11.In case your warts reappear or spread even after the treatment, get in contact with the doctor immediately.

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